Sunday, February 18, 2007

falling in love at mayurakshi

This blog is dedicated to blogs of bhavesh " falling in love" nd deepak "mayurakshi"..

My name is deepesh bhavak, i am a genuine good guy with almost all the necessary features to survive handsomely in this world. And we all know that apart from the basic necessities, the thing that defines the status of ur life is LOVE. I have seen many ppl perish in its search.
Some even lost the bigger picture i.e LIFE in search of the colour of that picture i.e Love. Some got those colours nd let it fade.But I am lucky, unlike some disasters, i have come out with flying colours. I am in love with a girl *****, and she loves me more than i do... nd thats where the tragedy begins...

I went away for a 1 day seminar to a place called kolkaida. It was a beautiful place,standing amidst mayurakshi river was a very tall building, 500mts tall... it was nearly dusk and the end of seminar. I went on top of the building thinking abt my love nd how will we spend the time in bed, later...

Suddenly a song "dil laga naa dil jale se dil jal jaayega" started playing and a smile swept across me. A sweet smile of like that of a good memory types. I picked up my mobile & whispered "hi, honey". she said she missed me, i thought, just like me. The breeze on top was getting stronger nd chilling. And at the other end she was ardent that she missed me more as she loved me more. i tried to deny it(grave mistake).

Her voice boomed into the earpeice & the words "i love you" rang infinitely. i returned the same 3 words but the breeze took it away. she was giggling now, coz she thought she had proven that she loves me more. I shouted again "i love you" with the top of my voice ,still no use, she egged me on.. come onnnn sweetieeee.. is that the best you can dooo... i slowly moved near the edge whr the crystal clear flowing water was beneath me & the darkish sky above me.. both seemed equally distant... I leaned a bit on the railing to escape the breeze & oh shit!!!.. the new shoes she had gifted me .. slipped.. i was falling for next 10 seconds as told to me by others.. and in those 10 second i wished.. oh god, why did i ever fall in love .. both meanings intended..
what has she given me .. kewal bakwas kich kich.. jheek jheek...faaltu ke nakhre nd gift exchange programme ke tahat saale new slippery sole wale shoes..kaas main apni purani chappal wali halat mein hi rehta.. yeh faltu ka ladki sab ko patane ke chakkar me lag gayi..

neway ab jo ho gaya so ho gaya.. but bhai log take my advice nd enjoy ur life..

a famous sms is ------
god tells i cant be everywhere thats why i made frends
devil : i also cant be everywhere that why i made girlfrends