Monday, October 01, 2007

i miss u yaar

I miss u yaar...we need u yaar.....

We all came into this world with little but our surroundings to shape us. So initially I didn’t get to play TT or
learn English grammer or a girl frend was totally due to those. However, somethings were there for which we only can be responsible, for eg: our innocence. For some of us playing nd winning became everything ,for some showing off was very important, for some "just chill -nothing matters" attitude came. Some pried to open their inner shell to themselves, some shut it tight. Some tried to hone up their skills, some tried to prove at what wasn’t their natural ability. I agree all these desires nd wishes have to be fuelled by surroundings , but the root cause have to be the inner nature , the true self. And the day we all were guided by that true shelf , we understood that its in our nature to wish,to desire,to achieve,to be at top,to be appreciated etc etc , may be the 7 sins. Precisely that day we all lost our innocence.

Initially just like all bad roads... it gave u gd fruits .. we plunged deeper we explored deeper and that road gave more fruits.. bigger nd better nd hence the seemingly forever increasing iterative process followed . But it was not to be, at one point or other we realized.. oops honey, I am in deep shit.. some realized sooner. Some latter.. the sooner the better was the case..
Now what to do…it’s a famous saying when in deep shit do not open ur mouth nd rue.. but here u need to do just that to get ur innocent heart back..

So I thought do I have the guts to spill all of me out to a person.. “NO” this came so quickly I was taken aback.. Oh I am beyond redemption , but again the reason can be just the surety for that person never going against me, all that trust issues etc etc. Still if I cant do that then do I have a frend?? Then I realized.. alas yes.. i don’t have many but I have sufficient number of frends to make me innocent nd alive again..
U c.. I may not tell all my acts nd thoughts to 1 single person but I can share many of my things with diff persons nd they all are my frends. Each helping me out in the way I can be helped some doing enough for me.. some more than enough and some major helps, but they all r thr to keep me sane .
However recently I have missed them very the past u have made me forget all my worries nd enjoy the trivial issues of life.. which I heartly used to enjoy..Guess we all never take time out to tell our frends we miss them.. but yes.. I miss U, abe I miss U yaar.

Feeling a bit light now.. yooooooooo !!!!!!!


Blogger Saurabh said...

whats up dude!!
u seem a little depressed??

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing re.. aise hi office me sentiya rahe the.. so likh diye..

tum logo ko intimate nahi kiye kyunki.. i knew ki response aisa hi kuch rahega :)

11:16 PM  
Blogger sonik said...

hmm, hmm, hmm. i guess am intruding some personal moments(s)

8:00 AM  
Blogger logicark said...

tu likhne laga be!!! and how so true...

2:15 PM  
Blogger Voice said...

i miss u too [:P]

sochte hai mumbai aa jaye
fir hum tum aur suru khub masti karenge... DHAMAL karenge

10:54 PM  

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