Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It kills

This is a fictional write up from a moment i imagined/dreamt.

I am a married man with a dead father and a dying wife,who is in a lot of pain.
Moreover, i have to act as a good son and a good husband,
depending upon my conscience.

I am going to kill her
I have to kill her
but how to kill,is the
jeopardy i am falling in...
how to kill,
how to kill!!!!!

he said:
"Killing the culprit is the best way
to get the good out of wayward life"

I get good life..but how come?

My father was a soldier,
not like me though,
he fought combats &
came back in half,
he asked me
to take out the other half.
I followed his orders as always
but what after that,
after that ... I lose.

so i know..
even if i kill, i lose her.

he also said:
"Life is always at worst
making it the best
is the caliber of man"

why cant everyone understand it
being that man is difficult,
being a slave is easy
who are slave are in peace
yes my love u are in peace
because u cry ..freedom freedom..
search of peace, goes in circles
u finally realise,it lies in the search.

free am i..but cant feel it
he was slave .but his dead eyes
reverberated freedom
You are a slave.. but your touch
talks about peace.

what about me.
i am going to perish as free
but feeling the slavelness of my life..
I have realised it atlast,
thats why it has started aching.
I am falling in awful pain,
but this pain is the only thing
in which u rise with fall.
Even love cant allow that,
but loosing love can..
I dont want u all to lose ur love.
Go on..
love ur sister & love ur brother
love ur frends & love ur family.
but never fear its loss..
its wonderful in itself.
love to love, kill to kill
not to win or lose.

sorry sweetheart..
i love you & i will kill u
just give me time to think how,how!!

Dont mind if it was a bit tedious.All this came out that night and i wrote it down quickly in case i forget it. Also,plz do excuse me for bad composition.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good/Bad Husband

I never knew that i knew so many disguised evils.. one of them is "sonik" ..the girl who ruthlessly tagged me.. But never mind.. i like evil, coz i am one too..

5 reasons,i think which can make me a gud husband.

  1. I am caring n love to share.
  2. Good listener as well as a decent speaker.
  3. I have gud family values.
  4. I can laugh at myself n can make her laugh. Though this is a point which i believe many wont accept that i can do this.
  5. I can take responsibilities.

5 reasons i know which will make me a bad husband

  1. I have a very bad temper n it must be dealt properly.
  2. I wont be able to provide independent space ie. something without me.
  3. I am not that much social in family circles so she may have to do a lot of hard work to keep up our social presence.
  4. I am very bad in understanding girls n wat they want.
  5. I am a stubborn person.

so thats all,in simple n precise words.. over and out..

i want to tag. suru,arnav,abhido,vinay,jyoti,bimal,deepak n buddha