Monday, November 13, 2006

Love Letter

Plz dont attach any correlations.. this writing was just meant to amuse and here too i hope everyone takes in that sense only..

To my eyes, U r the only ray .....
To my ears, U r the only voice....
To my tongue, U r the only flavour..
To my nose, U r the only fragrance..
To my skin , U r the only touch...

This is true that whenever i think of u, i can feel all these sensations. Still i feel incomplete nd lost. And i always think .. why??What more can your presence give apart from these 5 sensations.What is that in your presence which makes me complete.Above all, there must be something in me which craves for more..cud it be the sixth sense(naah! i dont think so)..

i dont know how to convey this to you. But my sweetheart you must realize.. remembering you is not enough for me. I want more.. I demand more.For me,nothing in this world is worth this distance.I want you to return.. please come back.. else...

I will be forced to kidnap you..



Blogger sonik said...

:O am amused alright!

Masto love letter wid an equally mast ending (love the kidnapping idea)[:D]

nice to read ur post after such a loooooong time. keep finding time to blog, and kidnap anyone [:P]

10:32 AM  
Blogger Voice said...

yeh cheating hai avinash! :P

mujhe bhi ek love letter likhna tha tu pehle likh dia.. ab logo ko lagega ki hum tera idea copy kiye hai :P

humari tuning ek dum set hai :P

and it is always good to read anything written by u.. and i cannot help myself in attaching some names.. u know i know a lot too much :P abt u or may b nothing :(

4:43 AM  
Blogger Voice said...

aur koi help chahiye kidnap karne me to bolna :P

4:44 AM  
Blogger saurabh said...

bhayya kidnapping karna hai aur bataya nahi....
itna bara project akele handle karega??... aur hum karne denge :P

"i dont know how to convey this to you"

this is the best way to convey this to her!!!!


9:11 AM  
Blogger Avinash singh said...

@sonik.. tnx for the comment..

@voice.. i think i have slowly modified up to ur tuning freq tahts why such masto ideas come.. but still dont correlate..

@suru.. tu sala mere se bada kamina hai.. bina tere madad ke koi paap hum aaj tak kiye hain jo aage karenge.. :D

2:33 AM  
Anonymous sonik said...

:O ye to serious planning chal rahi hai! sum1 alert da police!!!!!!!

9:28 AM  
Blogger Megha said...

yaha bhi luv letter:O

hmmm.....kidnapping :O:O

7:18 PM  
Blogger Avinash singh said...


kaisi dost ho yaar.. faswaogi kya??


chronologically mine is the earlier one..

and i can be serious abt the kidnapping iff the situation arises.. but for that u have to have someone to kidnap.. :D

3:15 AM  

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